Dr. Chris Bailey

Dr. Chris Bailey is a licensed chiropractor who has been practicing chiropractic care and has served the Denton community for many years. He graduated from Parker College of Chiropractic in 1998 and has a concentration in soft tissue-related injuries caused by sports and automobile accidents.

Dr. Bailey uses a holistic approach to wellness, meaning he looks for the underlying causes of malaise and doesn’t simply treat its symptoms. He recommends necessary life adjustments that promote and augment normal bodily function.

Given his experience and training in the Brain and Spine Traumatology Forensic Certification Program in San Diego, Dr. Bailey has been asked to serve as an expert witness and has been an asset to attorneys more than a dozen times for court proceedings relating to automobile accidents.

Dr. Chris Bailey has completed the certification for the Kennedy Advanced Decompression Techniques.

Dr. Ivy Brown

Dr. Ivy Brown attended the University of Oklahoma 2008-2014 where she received her Bachelor of Science in Health and Exercise Science and her Master of Science in Exercise Physiology.

During the Masters program Dr. Ivy performed research in the bone lab and spent many early mornings and late nights learning the intricacies of bone health. While studying to complete her Masters program, Dr. Ivy also worked as a Certified Health Fitness Specialist and filled her days with helping people recognize their true potential by providing individualized nutrition and exercise advice.

In 2014 Dr. Ivy entered Parker University in Dallas, TX where she studied to become a Doctor of Chiropractic. In August of 2017 Dr. Ivy graduated as Valedictorian of her class and has fallen in love with her new home of Denton, TX.