General wellness

Maintenance is absolutely key to healthy living

You may not realize it, but your spine has the ability to affect the rest of your body. It is composed of 33 bones and tissues and houses the spinal cord. The spinal cord connects all the body’s tissues and organs to the brain through the nerve roots that branch off it.

When the spine becomes misaligned due to wear and tear caused by everyday routines or injury, your nerves can be adversely affected and cause problems for the rest of your body, thus affecting your general wellness.

Visiting a chiropractor can reverse the adverse effects brought on by everyday wear and tear or injury. He or she will administer numerous spinal adjustments that bring the spine back into its proper alignment, which, in turn, allows the nerves to function properly and send messages to the brain without being hindered or interrupted. When nerves function properly, all the body’s tissues and organs are allowed to function at optimum capacity. When all these elements are working properly, your general wellness is greatly improved.