Pregnancy is a beautiful, yet trying time in an expectant mother’s life.


An increase in hormones, weight gain and changes in posture put stress on the mother’s body. Due to these factors, her body has a greater chance of developing sacral subluxations, which are misplaced spinal vertebrae at the base of the spine. These misplaced vertebrae put pressure on the mother’s nerves, which can lead to further discomfort.

Since chiropractic adjustments have positive results on many body functions, expectant mothers are prime candidates for having regular spinal check ups and adjustments throughout their pregnancies. According to the International Pediatric Association, pregnant women who opt to receive a spinal adjustment known as the Webster Technique can benefit their health and the health of their babies.

The Webster Technique is a very gentle, safe and comfortable spinal adjustment that is performed by a chiropractor. Dr. Larry Webster, founder of the International Pediatric Association, discovered this technique and recommended its use for several reasons. The technique is frequently used to support easy labors, place breech babies into an optimal birthing position and provide both mothers and babies with a higher level of health benefits.

Dr. Bailey has years of experience administering the Webster Technique, and many OB/GYNs across the metroplex refer their patients to NT Chiropractic to receive it.