Ultrasound Therapy

By using high-frequency sound waves the deep tissues are heated and micro-massaged. This is the same technology used in Sonograms. Ultrasound can improve blood flow, reduce swelling, promote healing and relax muscles. I can also combine ultrasound with electrical stimulation to quickly reduce painful muscle spasms in the neck or back. Ultrasound penetrates several inches below the surface to get into the deeper parts of the muscles. By comparison, a heating pad will penetrate only millimeters. Most patients love ultrasound treatment because it is painless and very effective.

Electrical Stimulation

Our office has several of the most advanced pieces of physiotherapy equipment available, used by numerous professional sports teams. This equipment can use more than a dozen forms of treatment to reduce pain, reduce inflammation, stop muscle spasms, stimulate healing, repair weak or damaged tissues and strengthen muscles. I can use multiple or different treatments based upon your response to care so that you will recover more quickly. I can also combine electrical stimulation with other types of treatment including ultrasound to penetrate into the most stubborn and hard-to-treat areas.

Intersegmental Traction

Many of our patients love this particular therapy. A series of rollers knead, massage and stretch the spine and muscles providing both relaxation and improved spinal flexibility. The spinal joints are held tightly together by muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Over time and due to pain or injury these tissues shorten causing loss of range of motion, stiffness, and pain. The specific pressure applied by this table stretches loosens and relaxes these structures helping to reduce your pain and increase your spinal flexibility. Patients usually love this particular treatment because it is so effective and feels great.


After we have reduced your pain and restored mobility it is time to strengthen and stabilize the injured areas. In some cases pain relief is adequate but in many chronic situations, long-term treatment in the form of home and office exercise is needed to prevent a recurrence. Exercise, specially customized exercises have proven to be one of the most effective ways to treat back pain. Look at it this way, if you go to the gym and then stop after a few sessions your gains will be lost. When you have a spinal condition you are at a greater risk of re-injury if the supporting muscles weaken or tighten so home and office exercises or crucial to long-term improvement.

Trigger Point Therapy

Many conditions involving the neck, back, and hips and are associated with tight muscles which may eventually become chronic knots or “trigger points”. These are areas that are typically painful to the touch and may cause radiation of pain into the midback, arms, legs, hips, buttocks, and head. By using specific manual techniques along with specialized therapies, I can break up these trigger points. Patients frequently experience amazing improvement in their pain and a significant increase in flexibility and movement.


Flexion-Distraction is a gentle, safe, controlled form of traction specifically designed for spinal pain relief. The table looks similar to a standard chiropractic table, but it can flex and side-flex, allowing patients to receive traction relief in a non-weight-bearing fashion. The patient will lie on their stomach while the doctor gently flexes and stretches the spinal segments and muscles around the affected region. The beauty of this tool is that the patient does not have to engage any muscles or soft tissues. By eliminating all active movements by the patient, the doctor can stretch these structures without spasm or reactions from the body.

Ultrasound / High Volt Combination Therapy

By using ultrasound combined with a special form of high volt electrical stimulation, we can treat severe pain, muscle spasms, and referred pain into the arms or legs. Ultrasound will loosen the deep muscle while the stimulation will reduce inflammation and pain. If you ever experienced a severe muscle spasm in your neck or back this is the treatment for you.