Patient Testimonials

Here at NT Chiropractic, we are committed to serving our patients to the best of our ability. We are in the field of chiropractic to help our patients meet their wellness goals, alleviate their pain and provide a means for them to achieve a life of optimal wellness. Whether they are new or have been with us for a number of years, we are very thankful for our patients’ loyalty to NT Chiropractic and love to hear about their experiences with us.

NT CHIRO - thank you all! Each week, I can't wait til my appointment to come in and see everyone. I truly appreciate you all and you always make me feel welcomed. Then I go in and see Dr. Feelgood (as I call him). Dr. Bailey, I'm grateful to you for keeping me in line, literally. It's tough job since I carry all my stress in my neck and shoulders but you continue to do your magic and keep me feeling good and I'm so thankful. THANKS TEAM!! Shelly, CORINTH, TX
For several years I would wake up with a severe "crick" in my neck every 4-5 months it seemed and sometimes more frequent. So bad sometimes that I could not move my right arm. After seeing my family physician numerous times and given pain pills, muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatories and physical therapy and not ever being told why this was happening to me. I was finally sent for a MRI. It was concluded that I had two herniated discs in my neck. I was then referred to a pain management doctor and had steroid injections done to help alleviate the pain that returned. After the second injection I decided it wasn't working and needed to go a different route. I spoke with Heather Massengale, with whom I am friends with, and she recommended I come in and let Dr. Bailey help me. She was very confident that he could help me so I figured what did I have to lose? Best decision I EVER made. Dr. Bailey suggested spinal decompression and physical therapy done in their office and Heather supplied me with a schedule of appointments that I followed. That was 4 years ago and I have not had a re-occurrence since - not to say that I still don't come in on a pretty regular basis with other issues since I love to hurt myself! Dr. Bailey and staff are wonderful and have truly helped me regain something that I feared eventually would require surgery. If only I had went there first! I could have been healed faster and been pain-free. Juili Stanley Juili, DENTON, TX